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Edmonton: Call for Submissions

Call for Submissions
Rutherford House Culture Days

September 29, 30, and October 1, 2017, noon to 4 p.m.

This year’s Alberta Culture Days brings the visual arts to the forefront at Rutherford House! We are looking for artists interested in displaying paintings, drawings, collages, photographs and/or prints during this year’s Culture Days activities.

We would love to showcase work that explores or celebrates Edmonton’s history, whether buildings, individuals, artifacts, or heritage plants. Naturally, we’d love it if the work was further inspired by Rutherford House (or anything related to it).


Interested artists are invited to submit the following for consideration:

  • 3-5 JPEGs of the work they’d like to display
  • An artist’s statement and Curriculum Vitae


Please send them to Edward van Vliet, Facility Supervisor at


The deadline for submissions is September 15, 2017 at 4:30pm.


LONG LIST for the Eldon and Anne Foote Edmonton Visual Arts Prize

May 03rd, 2017. In alphabetical order, the LONG LIST for the Eldon and Anne Foote Edmonton Visual Arts Prize are:
Paul Bernhardt (nominated by Brenda Barry Byrne, Strathcona Art [email protected])
Sean Caulfield  (nominated by DC3 Art Projects + the Art Gallery of Alberta)
Clay Ellis (nominated by Peter and Camille Robertson, Peter Robertson Gallery)
Brad Necyk (nominated by Emily Baker and Jenny Willson-McGrath , Art Gallery of St. Albert)
Jill Stanton (nominated by Angel Karosi , Harcourt House Artist Run Centre)

Paul Bernhardt

Read more about the Paul Bernhardt’s nominated piece here
Read about who Paul Bernhardt is here

Sean Caulfield

Read more about Sean Caulfield’s nominated piece here and here
ead about who Sean Caulfield is here

Clay Ellis

Read more about the Clay Ellis nominated piece here
Read more about who Clay Ellis is here

Brad Necyk

Read more about Brad Necyk’s nominated piece here
Read more about who Brad Necyk is here

Jill Stanton

Read more about Jill Stanton’s nominated piece here
Read more about who Jill Stanton is here

The SHORT LIST of three artists will be announced on or just before May 27th, 2017. There will be a ceremony to announce the winner of the 6th annual Eldon + Anne Foote Edmonton Visual Arts Prize at 7:15pm on THURSDAY June 22nd at Visual Arts Alberta – CARFAC Project Space (10215 112 Street, 3rd floor, Edmonton, AB T5K 1M7).

The Eldon + Anne Foote Edmonton Visual Arts Prize was established with the generous support of the Eldon + Anne Foote Fund at Edmonton Community Foundation and in partnership with the Edmonton Arts Council and Visual Arts Alberta Association. This Visual Arts Prize celebrates the brilliance of Visual Artists in Edmonton.

Alberta Spirit at Visual Arts Alberta Gallery, Edmonton

Alberta Spirit at Visual Arts Alberta Gallery (3rd floor, 10215 112 Street, Edmonton)  from October 1st, 2015 – November 28th, 2015. Reception: Thursday October 1st, 2015 between 7pm and 9:30pm. (Gallery Hours: Wednesday – Friday 10am – 4pm and Saturday noon – 4pm, closed October 10th and November 11th).Alberta Spirit poster v1

Tattoo Speaks: project at Visual Arts Alberta Gallery: Edmonton


DL4ao you have a tattoo?

Does your tattoo have an interesting story behind it or was inspired by something special? Does it represent a significant time in your life?

On October 3rd 2015, Wachira will be hosting a photo shoot from 12pm to 4pm at the Visual Arts Alberta Gallery, 3rd Floor, 10215 – 112 Street NW Edmonton, AB T5K 1M7. Those who would like to share their tattoo pieces and the stories behind them are welcome to drop by. Additional sessions will be held on November 14 and December 5. For further information please contact:

Through photography, Tattoo Speak will capture the deeply personal stories behind these beautiful pieces of body art while deconstructing the negative stereotypes associated with them. The project by Karue Wachira, an Alberta photographer, will take place over the next year.


CCVO: Emergency Preparedness Initiative of Calgary

CCVOCalgary Arts Development is pleased to share the following announcement on behalf of the Calgary Chamber of Volunteer Organizations (CCVO).
CCVO is excited to launch, a comprehensive (and growing!) online resource that will help your nonprofit or charity develop and implement an emergency preparedness plan.
The site puts resources and templates at your fingertips, making it easy to ensure your organization is ready for any emergency.
About Emergency Preparedness Initiative of Calgary (EPIC) The floods of 2013 forced close to 80,000 Calgarians from their homes and affected 4,000 business and nonprofit organizations. In the weeks and months after the flood, CCVO, The City of Calgary and other groups reached out to nonprofits to capture lessons learned and assess how we can better prepare for a future emergency.
EPIC was born out of this effort. The agencies supporting this initiative are:

Visit for more details.

Hill Strategies Arts Research Monitor June 3,2015


Hill StrategiesVol. 14 No 3 June 2015 © Hill Strategies Research Inc., 2015 ISSN 1708-170X
Arts, health, and well-being 
In this issue: A focus on the connections between the arts, health, and well-being, including a report on art and the health of Aboriginal Peoples, a presentation on the arts and well-being, a summary of international research into the long-term connections between the arts and health, as well as a study of the neurochemical impacts of music.
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The Arts Research Monitor is funded by the Canada Council for the Arts and the Ontario Arts Council.
Arts Research Monitor

Recherches sur les arts


Educating Artists – Hill Strategies

An analysis of the educational backgrounds of working artists and the labour market activities of arts program graduates in Canada

11 June 2015

Executive Summary

This report has a two-pronged goal: 1) to examine the post-secondary educational qualifications of artists in Canada; and 2) to provide information about the occupations and workforce characteristics of graduates of post-secondary arts programs.

Data for the report are drawn from the National Household Survey (2011) and the National Graduates Survey (2009/10 graduates, surveyed in 2013).

This report has a two-pronged goal: 1) to examine the post-secondary educational qualifications of artists in Canada; and 2) to provide information about the occupations and workforce characteristics of graduates of post-secondary arts programs.

Read the entire report on Hill Strategies’ website

Casa Connect June 2015 Newsletter: Lethbridge AB


Registration is now open for our spring and summer classes, including our popular Children’s Art Camps!



Casa Artist-in-Residence ARTIST TALK with Audrey Feltham Thursday, June 11 7:00 PM Casa 2D Studio

Bellows to Brass: “Player’s Choice Concert” Friday, June 12 7:30 PM Admission: $10 ATB Financial Community Room, Casa

Centric Festival: Lethbridge’s Summer Classical Music Festival June 24-28 at various downtown locations

Call for submissions Cabinet of QUEERIOSITIES III

Read Casa Connect Newsletter here

Professional Arts Coalition of Edmonton Newsletter May 28, 2015


PACE Professional Arts CoalitionProfessional Arts Coalition of Edmonton

A New Newsletter
The Professional Arts Coalition of Edmonton wants to keep you informed about important topics, issues and events in our arts community. That’s why PACE is starting a monthly newsletter with updates on what their committees have been working on and what PACE members are up to. PACE  hopes you enjoy reading these each month and that it brings you a greater understanding of what PACE is doing for you!

News from the Advocacy Committee
The PACE Advocacy Committee met with a number of civic and provincial elected officials in the first quarter of 2015. They presented a positive agenda of constructive initiatives to support the arts and culture communities in Edmonton and were generally warmly received. Specifically PACE advocated for:
1. Development of a more robust and up-to-date inventory of commercial and institutional spaces in Edmonton which could be used, even on a temporary basis, by various arts practitioners and organizations. Looking at Renew Newcastle, Australia, project, as an example of database management. (Pace will follow up with Arts Habitat Edmonton)

2. Stronger engagement with tourism organizations at the civic and provincial level with a view to actively incorporating the diversity and quality of Edmonton arts and culture into the marketing of Edmonton as a tourist destination. (PACE will seek meetings shortly with EEDC and Edmonton Tourism)

3. Research and material support (including touring and exhibit grants) to enable Edmonton’s arts and culture communities to find and access viable new markets for their “products” at the provincial, national and even international level.
With the election of a New Democrat government in Alberta, and the appointment of David Eggen as minister of Education as well as minister of Culture and Recreation, PACE will be seeking as early a meeting as possible with Mr. Eggen as well as with members of the full Edmonton government caucus. Mindful of the financial constraints the government faces, PACE will nonetheless be reminding the government of cuts to arts funding in recent years by the previous administration.

New Committee Members
PACE are currently seeking new members for the Communications Committee. The PACE Communications Committee is a working committee that strives to engage the Edmonton arts community by informing members on pertinent topics and issues affecting the arts community as well as highlighting events and projects through a monthly newsletter and active social media. The Communications Committee also supports the other PACE committees (Advocacy, Mayor Celebration of the Arts) by creating marketing and support materials ranging from #yegvotesarts buttons during the 2013 municipal election to the advocacy tool kit on the PACE website.

No previous experience sitting on a committee or board is necessary, just a willingness to learn and a passion for the arts. The PACE communications committee meets every six weeks. If you’re interested please email PACE Executive Director Sheiny Satanove at with a brief summary of your involvement in the arts.
For more information please visit