Edmonton | Artist in Residence – Request for Proposals: City of Edmonton Waste Management Centre

edmonton arts councilThe Edmonton Arts Council is inviting artists who live in Edmonton to submit a proposal to become the first artist-in-residence hosted by the City of Edmonton Waste Management Centre. The selected artist will ideally commence residency in the late fall of 2017, for an anticipated six-month period (terms negotiable/flexible).

The Edmonton Waste Management Centre (EWMC) is a unique collection of advanced waste processing and research facilities where municipal waste is transformed into useful resources. The Centre is 233 hectares in size; the Composting Facility alone occupies space equivalent to almost five football fields. On average, 4,500 trucks bearing 9,800 tonnes of material cross the scale every week. Over 15,000 students, teachers and adults tour the Centre each year.

The artist-in-residence will develop a body of artistic work while interacting with the staff and tour groups in and around the EWMC site. The artist will ideally reflect their residency experience through their work, and potentially mentor the artistic expression of interested staff and community.

Submission deadline: October 6, 2017

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