Edmonton | Call to Western Canadian Curators/Consultants :: Jasper Avenue Streetscape (RFQ)

edmonton arts council

Professional curators residing in Western Canada are invited to submit their qualifications for the Jasper Avenue Streetscape. This opportunity is held in accordance with the City of Edmonton policy “Percent for Art to Provide and Encourage Art in Public Areas” (C458C).

The public art curator will work collaboratively with the Jasper Avenue project team and community stakeholders such as local businesses, residents, and community organizations. The curator will then devise a methodology whereby artists can be embedded in a meaningful and appropriate way, and that identifies opportunities for public art in response to the area’s spaces, sites, and people.

$20,000.00 CAD (maximum, all inclusive)

Deadline for Submissions:
4:30 pm MST on Friday, January 19, 2018

Engagement Time:
To be determined, based on agreed scope of work: Starting February 2018

The resulting high-level strategy will govern development of the Jasper Avenue Public Art Program and all aspects of implementation. The creation of a fluid working methodology with input from the various teams and stakeholders involved, will allow for a natural evolution of the work as the Jasper Avenue Streetscape is implemented through its various phases.

For more information, contact Robert Harpin – phone (780) 424-2787 ext. 231 or email: rharpin@edmontonarts.ca

The Edmonton Arts Council is committed to equity in all aspects of its work, and invites applications from all potentially interested curator/consultants. We thank all applicants for their time and professional interest in this call

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