CASL (Canada Anti-Spam Legislation)

Visual Arts Alberta – CARFAC believes firmly in the new Canada’s Anti-Spam Legislation that becomes law on July 01st, 2014. We are developed a compliance policy and completing an audit of all our electronic messaging.

Beginning July 01st, 2014 many people on our Mail-Chimp data base (who have been in receipt of our weekly email News from Visual Arts Alberta – CARFAC) will be removed from our database unless we are in receipt of a consent email that states that you wish to receive our newsletter.

This does not apply to current members in good standing – members will continue to receive communications from both Visual Arts Alberta – CARFAC and CARFAC National (all communications from these sources will have a prominent unsubscribe button on each email newsletter, however as each organization has a separate database it is necessary to unsubscribe to both if you decide you do not want any electronic communications from us).

To add your name to the NEWS from Visual Arts Alberta – CARFAC database, please click on the underlined sentence to send an email. In the subject area write (RE: I wish to be added to Visual Arts Alberta – CARFAC’s email list).
I agree to receive News from Visual Arts Alberta – CARFAC. I understand that I can unsubscribe at any time by pressing the unsubscribe button.