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Canada Council for the Arts Arts Across Canada

Deadline: 1 month from departure

The Travel component of Arts Across Canada funds activities linked to Canadian presentation, exhibition, artistic collaboration, networking and building market opportunities for Canadian artists, arts professionals, artistic groups and arts organizations. Grants provide support to participate in significant events, build a national presence and for festivals and presenters to conduct research for Canadian artistic programming.

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Deadlines:1 October, 1 January, 1 March, 1 June

The Visual Arts Section of the Canada Council for the Arts provides a range of grants to recognize and support the independent creative work of professional Canadian artists of all cultures. These grants are intended for artists and independent critics and curators working in the following art forms: visual arts including fine craft and architecture. Travel Grants to Professionals in the Visual Arts contribute toward expenses incurred to travel to an event important to the artist’s, critic’s or curator’s career. (more…)