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New Residency Opportunity – Elmo’s House: Batan, Aklan, Philippines


New residency opportunity created and managed by CARFAC BC volunteer Kuh del Rosario.

Elmo’s House is located in the small seaside town of Batan, Aklan, Philippines. Elmo’s House provides an idyllic retreat for artists to stay for a minimum of two weeks up to two months. The house is right at the heart of a quiet fishing village, within walking distance to secluded beaches and lush mountains.

Elmo’s House is multi-level with six bedrooms and three washrooms. There are two open-air floors designated for studios, that have unobstructed views of the town as well as inspiring sunrise and sunsets. It is a large but simple house with all the necessities to foster a unique experience.

Each artist will have their own private room. Depending on the parameters of the project, we will do our best to help realize the artists’ goals by utilizing the resources available. General housekeeping and basic meals will be provided, but artists are required to respect the space and observe basic courtesies.

2017 will be the first year of operation and will be an exciting opportunity for participants as ideas solidify and best practices are established. Visiting artists for this first year have a chance to help shape the structure and inform the future of this project.