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When Is A Favour a Favour And When Is It A Paying Job?

By Graeme Dearden (Communication Assistant).

About three or four weeks ago, a fellow student in the glass department of The Alberta College of Art + Design (ACAD) asked me about helping her complete a little bit of work for a project she was working on for a show. She needed to grind and polish some large glass rocks, basically. Being the middle of finals week and I was deep into in my own work, so I was not able to help out. My first thought, though, was that I did want to help. (more…)

Serpentine Gallery, London and Unpaid Internships

“Sydney Lancaster (Advocacy Director) recommends the following article…

A story about a protest against the Serpentine Gallery in London regarding unpaid internships … thankfully, this is not the usual way things are done in our Edmonton arts community, but there are many places in which this is not the case, and young artists and arts administrators feel pressured to take unpaid positions on the promise of ‘future benefit’ in the industry. Another case of ‘dying of exposure’. 

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Chris W. Carson (Executive Director) visited the Sepentine Gallery in December and was impressed by the retrospective exhibition of the work of Jake and Dino Chapman but was also equally disappointed in their use of unpaid internships…