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City of Calgary Public Art Program – Artist Residency Announcement – WATERSHED+

City of Calgary Public Art Program – Artist Residency Announcement – WATERSHED+

ARTIST RESIDENCIES: As part of the ground-breaking WATERSHED+ Pilot Project, the Public Art Program, Utilities and Environmental Protection (UEP) and Parks are pleased to announce its artist residency opportunities are filled, underway and gaining momentum.

Artists Rachel Duckhouse, Nick Millar & Minty Donald, Broken City Lab and Jay Mosher & Rory Middleton will, at various times, be in residence at Ralph Klein Park (RKP) between now and December 2013.

Through their art practice, the residency artists will engage the community in a dialogue, and explore issues relevant to Calgary’s watershed, water management and the Park environment. (more…)

ARTIST RESIDENCY: The Living Arts Centre, Mississauga, Ontario, Deadline: on-going

The Resident Artist Program has been created to provide opportunities for a blend of recent graduates of arts and design institutions, as well as mid-career artists, to create, explore, learn and exchange ideas and insights within a multi- disciplinary environment. There are eight professional studios in wood, flame working, glass, sculpture, textiles and fiber arts, photography, painting, drawing and ceramics. Short and long-term residencies are available. (more…)



While artists have historically played in important role throughout the National Park System, the link between art and the Marsh-Billings-Rockefeller National Historical Park is unique, as the park’s holdings include nearly 400 paintings and prints that highlight America’s evolving landscape-among them works by Thomas Cole, David, Johnson, and Albert Bierstadt. Such works have helped to encourage the impulse toward conservation stewardship throughout the nation, and the park strives to highlight stewardship through diverse programs. Like these forebears, many contemporary artists are working in ways celebrate the natural world and that inspire their audiences to broaden and deepen their appreciation of, and commitment to, environmental stewardship and the conservation of public land. As part of its mission, the K2 Family Foundation seeks to foster sustainability initiatives and to create opportunities for artists whose work incorporates scientific awareness and concerns. Recognizing the way their missions dovetail, and hoping to foster greater connections between artists, audience, and the national park system itself, the Marsh-Billings-Rockefeller National Historical Park and the K2 Family Foundation are pleased to announce their joint commitment to an Artist-in-Residence Program that will allow one artist per year to work for an extended period at the park.

Open to established artists with a demonstrated interest in environmental issues. A stipend of $15,000 is offered to the artist, and some mony is available to defray expenses incurred in the residency project.  Artists are responsible for room, board and travel to Vermont. For more details and a complete application packet, please visit:


Application address

c/o The K2 Family Foundation, 20 Flagg Street
Cambridge USA
E-mail  info@k2ff.org | www.k2ff.org


Disciplines: Ceramics, Drawing & Painting, Glass, Graphic Design, Media Art, Multi Media, Sculpture, Woodcraft
Target Group: International, National

FLACC is a workplace for visual artists and creates the conceptual, organisational and technical conditions for realising unique artist projects. Every year, FLACC selects ten artists to set up a new project. In each annual selection, FLACC aims to strike a balance between national and international artists, between beginners and artists with experience, between autonomous art and/or research projects and artists that deal in more concrete terms with the historical, geographical or social context of the workplace. FLACC has metal and woodworking workshops, a digital studio, and a foundry with a furnace and kilns for ceramics, bronze and glass applications, and an extensive workspace. The staff is knowledgeable about the production possibilities of nearby workplaces and collaborates with those workplaces and with schools and companies to give the artists the best possible support and assistance.

FLACC offers accommodation, a workplace, covered travel expenses, a per diem as well as a small production budget.

A. Dumontlaan 2
B 3600 Genk,  Belgium
Telephone +32 89845223 |  flacc@skynet.be | www.flacc.info


Deadline:  Ongoing

The Call for Submissions for the Living Arts Centre in Mississauga, Ontario is on-going.  The Resident Artist Program has been created to provide opportunities for a blend of recent graduates of arts and design institutions, as well as mid-career artists, to create, explore, learn and exchange ideas and insights, within a mulch-disciplinary environment.

There are eight professional studios, in wood, flame-working, glass, sculpture, textiles and fibre ares, photography, glass, sculpture, textiles and fibre arts, photography, painting and drawing, and ceramics.  Short and long term residencies are available.

For more information about the selection criteria and application form, go to www.livingartscentre.ca or contact Cole Swanson, Exhibitions and Residency Coordinator at (905)306-6161 or email at cole.swanson@livingarts.on.ca or contact:

The Living Arts Centre
4141 Living Arts Drive
Mississauga, ON  L5B 4B8



The BICWA society is a residence for artists to live, work and use all facilities, independently. This is of interest for self directed artists. BICWA Society resides in the country, it’s surrounded by huge fields of brilliant golden yellow canola in the summer and by acres and acres of muskeg and willow bushes. Because the society is situated in the country side and it’s close to the wilderness, a lot of wildlife is crossing the fields.

  • Individual rooms in shared house, there are 6 large bedrooms, 3 full bathrooms, large livingroom with fireplace and a very large dining / kitchen area and laundry room. Studio.
  • 24ft anagama (traditional Japanese woodkiln). Salt-kiln, wood-fire-kiln, electric-kilns, gas-kilns, raku-kilns. 2 studios with all technical equipment needed. (wheels, slabroller, extruder, pugmill etc.)

Box 144 HYTHE, ALBERTA T0H-2C0 Canada
Telephone +1 780 3562424 | Fax +1 780 3562225
E-mailE-mail  bibipot@telusplanet.net


Where: Berkeley, California, USA
When: Ongoing

Application deadlines (materials received by):
January 31: residencies starting in March, April, May, or June
April 30: residencies starting in June, July, August, or September
July 31: residencies starting in September, October, November, or December
October 31: residencies starting in December, January, February, or March

Artists working in various printmaking techniques, photo-processes, book arts and digital media including sound/video production can apply to become an Artist-in-Residence at Kala Art Institute. Residency applications are accepted four times per year. Artists who apply for residency should be familiar with at least one of the media offered at Kala. Considerations for acceptance are conceptual creativity and technical knowledge. Kala encourages experimental uses of both traditional and new technologies, and their admixture. (more…)


Duration: 1 week to 1 month, March 12 to December 31
Disciplines: Literature, performing arts, visual arts
Target Group: International

Arte Studio Ginestrelle aims to: promote contemporary art in all of its artistic forms; stimulate creativity through direct contact with nature and respect for the environment; favour a moment of interchange of ideas on contemporary art; set up artistic workshops, exhibitions, and open-air art along the paths of Ginestrelle, in the Regional Park of Mount Subasio. (more…)


May 15 (Residency of the Americas),
June 1 (International Residency),
November 30 (France-Québec Exchange Residency),
May 18 (New South Wales Visual Artist Residency:
check http://www.artspace.org.au/residency/residency_international.php)

Disciplines: Dance, drawing & painting, media art, multi-media, music, photography, sculpture

QUARTIER ÉPHÉMÈRE’s mission is to support the creation, production, and dissemination of visual art; it seeks at once to question the role of art and artists in the heart of the city, and to promote that role. By investing in ‘in situ’ projects within vacant or abandoned industrial buildings, QE attempts to explore our urban zones and to reach a diverse public. Quartier Ephémère runs an International Residency Programme, a France-Québec Exchange Programme and a new residency programme for curators of the Americas. The Canada Council for the Arts is offering an international residency program at the Darling Foundry for foreign professional visual artists from outside of Canada. Two artists are awarded four-month residencies. Each resident receives a grant, which contributes towards living expenses, travel fees and production costs. (more…)