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Draw More Income EP15C: CARFAC National Conference 2017: Michelle Schultz

Today for the podcast, we are very excited to bring you the third of a few mini-episodes from the 2017 CARFAC National Conference/AGM that was held early June 2017 at the MacEwan University in Edmonton. It was such a great weekend full of insight from people all over Canada that care about the rights of arts and culture workers and Visual Arts Alberta – CARFAC was happy to host.

This episode is a small talk from Michelle Schultz, the director of Edmonton’s dc3 Art Projects. Michelle extensive resume has led her to arts admin positions all over Alberta, London, and Los Angeles and given her some special insight into emerging business models in the contemporary art world. We were so glad to have her come to the conference and talk about some of these business models.

To learn more about Michelle and dc3, check out http://www.dc3artprojects.com/gallery/

This episode was recorded and edited by Ryan Hemphill with assistance from Sara McKarney.
It was recorded at MacEwan University in Edmonton, Alberta (http://www.macewan.ca/)
Intro music: “Outsider’s Paradox” by springtide (www.springtide.jp), accessed through Free Music Archive.

Draw More Income EP15B CARFAC National Conference 2017: Jennifer Bowen Allen

Today for the podcast, we are very excited to bring you the second a few mini-episodes from the 2017 CARFAC National Conference/AGM that was held early June 2017 at the MacEwan University in Edmonton. It was such a great weekend full of insight from people all over Canada that care about the rights of arts and culture workers and Visual Arts Alberta – CARFAC was happy to host.

Today’s episode is from Jennifer Bowen Allen, who is an emerging Dene curator and arts administrator from Whitehorse, Yukon. We were very grateful to have her here to talk a bit about her culture, artwork, and life. She spoke about the challenges faced and opportunities available to artists living in the north, as they build their careers.

To learn more about Jennifer, check out https://www.kwanmaydayedaatthi.com/jennifer-bowen-allen/

This episode was recorded and edited by Ryan Hemphill with assistance from Sara McKarney.
It was recorded at MacEwan University in Edmonton, Alberta (http://www.macewan.ca/)
Intro music: “Outsider’s Paradox” by springtide (www.springtide.jp), accessed through Free Music Archive.

Draw More Income EP7: PD Talk w/ Paddy Lamb and Deborah Carruthers

Here we are with a new episode of Draw More Income! This episode is actually a PD talk held a few months back that we recorded on copyright. It was hosted by two co-chairs of Copyright Visual Arts, Paddy Lamb and Deborah Carruthers.

Both speakers were a fantastic resource and were fuelled by an active, engaged audience and we were so excited to have them and to be able to actually archive this moment through our new podcast.

To learn even more about Copyright Visual Arts/CARCC, visit the website here.

As for the podcast, Draw More Income is chugging along and will keep putting out new and interesting content. We took a little break during August to reassess a couple procedures for putting these podcasts out, which we hope will help keep listeners and members engaged with the podcast.

CARCC, now known as Copyright Visual Arts

What Does CARFAC Actually Do?

By Graeme Dearden, Communication Assistant

Last month, I attended two events hosted by Visual Arts Alberta – CARFAC in Calgary, both focussed on the role of CARFAC and arts advocacy, pragmatically and idealistically. The first event was a small get-together at The New Gallery’s historic John Snow House where artist and former CARFAC National membership coordinator, Taylor Norris, gave a talk on what CARFAC does for Canadian artists. (more…)

New CARFAC shirts available for sale

Good Selection of sizes Has the Artist Been Paid on Black or Dark Blue and Vigilance is Completely Necessary on purple (produced by CARFAC Ontario ) $30.00 each
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phone 1.866.421.1731 or email us to order. Can deliver to Calgary at our AGM on October 18th at ACAD… Visit us Visual Arts Alberta – CARFAC at our office / gallery  – 3rd floor, 10215 112 Street in Edmonton. Wed – Fri 10am to 4pm and sat: noon – 4pm (Closed October 11th).

CARFAC wins at Supreme Court May 14th, 2014

Supreme Court unanimously decides in favour of artists

Group - SC-squareWednesday, May 14, 2014 – Visual artists had a big victory today at the Supreme Court in the fight for minimum artist fees at the National Gallery of Canada. In a unanimous decision from the bench, the court allowed an appeal on behalf of artist restoring an earlier decision that found in their favour.

At issue was a perceived conflict between the Status of the Artist Act and the Copyright Act. The associations that represent artists, CARFAC and RAAV, had been trying to negotiate binding minimum fees for the payment of artists at the gallery, similar to a minimum wage. The gallery essentially argued CARFAC and RAAV, were taking away the right of artists to be paid less if they chose. In allowing the appeal, the court rejected this argument and, in an unusual move, ruled immediately after oral arguments.

Artists from across Canada in attendance were delighted with the results. “It’s a good day for artists,” said Grant McConnell, president of CARFAC. “This is a major victory for all artists in Canada and Quebec.”

“We are looking forward to resuming negotiations as we always wanted to do since 2003,” said Karl Beveridge, co-chair of the negotiation committee.

We would like to say a special thank you to everyone who has donated to support this legal effort. You made this victory possible!

We would also like to thank our lawyers, David Yazbeck, Michael Fisher and Wassim Garzouzi.

Another reason to join CARCC

By joining CARCC you can take advantage of a new service offered by
Access Copyright (open to CARCC members that will receive copyright payments from Access Copyright) called a©eCreator (see below)… 

splashtitleCARCC stands for Canadian Artists Representation Copyright Collective Inc.  CARCC was established in 1990 by CARFAC,Canadian Artists’ Representation / Le Front des artistes canadiens, a professional association that works for visual artists.  CARCC was founded to put into practice the principles concerning artists’ copyrights for which CARFAC continues to advocate – the professional practice of using written agreements (licences) and the payment of appropriate fees for the use of copyright.  To find out more about joining CARCC: click here

CARFAC is the member organization but CARCC works with Access Copyright through agreement. Access Copyright is launching a new service for the writer/artist community and we want you to be among the first to see it.

a©eCreator is a cloud-based service developed to help you during and after your content creation process by providing an easy way to send, track, monitor, locate, and backup your work. And the best part: a©eCreator is a complimentary service and one of the many benefits to being an Access Copyright affiliate.

a©eCreator offers: Access to files any time, anywhere using only a browser; Secure file backup on multiple servers; Auto generated record of where, how,  and when files were sent; Unlimited data storage and Ability to share large files with others (e.g. publisher, literary agents)

CARFAC: Survey about Artists’ Fees across Canada

Help CARFAC find out what is happening with Artist Fees across Canada!

CARFAC: a  survey about artist fees (exhibition, reproduction, professional services) that artists have been paid in the last 3 years. We have an agreement with CMA, CAMDO, and ARCA on fees – but it’s a voluntary agreement, and it would be helpful to know what artists’ experiences have actually been.



Please take the time to complete the survey, and share it with other artists you know. We’ve had a really great response so far – 133 in just a few hours. This kind of info is really helpful in our future negotiations, and we haven’t done one like it in a very long time. Artist associations in other countries have done similar ones (UK, US, Ireland, etc), so it would be interesting to compare our results to theirs.

tel: (613) 233-6161
fax: (613) 233-6162
toll-free: 866-344-6161


What is CARCC and what does it do?

©©©©© PRESENTING CARCC Your copyright works for you!

CARCC offers copyright licensing services for visual and media artists.
A collective serving artists

Founded in 1990 by CARFAC, Canadian Artists Representation / le Front des artistes canadiens, CARCC is owned by CARFAC and managed by the artists who serve on the executive committees of both CARCC and CARFAC. CARCC is Canadian Artists Representation Copyright Collective Inc.

CARCC’s mission is to improve and protect its affiliates’ incomes through the licences it issues on their behalf. Licences are contracts granting permissions for uses of an artist’s works – these might include exhibitions, reproductions, broadcast, internet uses. The uses are defined and limited as to, for example, duration or number of copies. The amount and terms of payment for the uses are also established. Any negotiation necessarily includes the artist/affiliate, and CARCC will stand behind the licences it issues.

Read the complete article

Support builds in Ottawa for the Artist’s Resale Right

 Support builds in Ottawa for the Artist’s Resale Right

Ottawa, Thursday, May 30, 2013 – Support across parties is building in Ottawa for the Artist’s Resale Right. NDP MP Pierre Nantel recently put a motion on the Order Paper of the House of Commons supporting the Artist’s Resale Right and Liberal MP Scott Simms introduced a private member’s bill yesterday. Some Conservative Members of Parliament have expressed their support to CARFAC for visual artists and the concept of the Artist’s Resale Right. These include Gerald Keddy, Member of Parliament for South Shore – St. Margaret’s.  (more…)