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Calgary | Calgary Arts Development 2017 Public Art 101 dates

Calgary Public ArtWe are pleased to announce the current session line-up for our Public Art 101 Professional Development Series geared towards artists and community members. Topics are chosen based on the needs and interests expressed by artists. All of the sessions are free but registration is limited.

Public Art 101 sessions allow us to provide ongoing support and professional development opportunities to artists who are transitioning their practice from studio work to the realm of public art. 

For more information about the sessions including topics, dates and locations, please click here and follow us on Facebook and Twitter for further updates.


CCVO: Emergency Preparedness Initiative of Calgary

CCVOCalgary Arts Development is pleased to share the following announcement on behalf of the Calgary Chamber of Volunteer Organizations (CCVO).
CCVO is excited to launch GetPreparedNonprofit.com, a comprehensive (and growing!) online resource that will help your nonprofit or charity develop and implement an emergency preparedness plan.
The site puts resources and templates at your fingertips, making it easy to ensure your organization is ready for any emergency.
About Emergency Preparedness Initiative of Calgary (EPIC) The floods of 2013 forced close to 80,000 Calgarians from their homes and affected 4,000 business and nonprofit organizations. In the weeks and months after the flood, CCVO, The City of Calgary and other groups reached out to nonprofits to capture lessons learned and assess how we can better prepare for a future emergency.
EPIC was born out of this effort. The agencies supporting this initiative are:

Visit GetPreparedNonprofit.com for more details.

City of Calgary Public Art Program – Artist Residency Announcement – WATERSHED+

City of Calgary Public Art Program – Artist Residency Announcement – WATERSHED+

ARTIST RESIDENCIES: As part of the ground-breaking WATERSHED+ Pilot Project, the Public Art Program, Utilities and Environmental Protection (UEP) and Parks are pleased to announce its artist residency opportunities are filled, underway and gaining momentum.

Artists Rachel Duckhouse, Nick Millar & Minty Donald, Broken City Lab and Jay Mosher & Rory Middleton will, at various times, be in residence at Ralph Klein Park (RKP) between now and December 2013.

Through their art practice, the residency artists will engage the community in a dialogue, and explore issues relevant to Calgary’s watershed, water management and the Park environment. (more…)