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apexart’s Inbound residency program is focused on cultural exchange and new experiences, providing an intense, explorative journey into New York. apexart seeks out culturally and artistically diverse residents who represent a wide range of disciplines, from philosophers to artists to poets. Up to eight individuals are invited per season.

The selected residents are invited to New York for a one-month stay for which they are provided airfare, an apartment, a cell phone, and a computer with Internet access. Instead of providing the residents with a studio space apexart provides them with a detailed schedule of daily activities that take them out of their focused activities and provide unexpected new experiences that hopefully act as catalysts in adding new ideas and approaches to their work. (more…)


DISCIPLINES: Curating/Research, Drawing & Painting, Media Art, Sculpture
TARGET GROUP: International

The Studio aims to assist in the further understanding and development of emerging art trends in Taiwan; simultaneosly, it endeavors to promote cross-cultural exchanges by providing a meeting point for international artists on short visits. The Studio was established to meet the needs of four types of contemporary art in Taipei.: working space and equipment for mixed media art, exhibition space for installation/site specific works, performance space for experimentation and development of multi-media art, and consultative, research and implementation art services.

For more info, visit the Bamboo Curtain International website or email them at studio@bambooculture.com