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Raid Projects offers a bedroom and a studio for artists to come to California, make new work, network with galleries and curators, and explore Los Angeles. We host two Artists In Residence at one time for periods of 3 or 6 months.  The AIR program for 2009 is $1000 US for the upstairs space and $1200 US for the downstairs space. Please note that we do not offer an exhibition for the work produced during the residency.

How to apply for Raid Artist In Residence program:

AIR has no application form or deadline. Mail a formal proposal to our Los Angeles address and indicate which time period you are interested in, along with a resume, images of your work on CD, CV, artist statement, press reviews and any other relevant materials that provides us with an idea of the breadth of your work and how it will benefit from time spent in LA to: (more…)