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Andriashek / Kleinsasser In Visual Arts Alberta Gallery: Edmonton AB



Exhibition Dates: June 4 to July 25, 2015, 3rd floor, 10215-112 ST  Edmonton, Alberta,  Wednesday – Friday 1- 4pm, Saturday 12-4 pm.

Familiars, Out-of-Towners, As Well As All the Others: Erika Andriashek  in Gallery B
Large figurative sculptures that, through public participation, are to be continuously worked upon throughout the exhibition. The public are invited to leave their own found or sentimental objects of any size and shape with the sculptures; the artist will then document changes and evolution of the work.

Salva Corpus Amanti / Digital Imagery by David J. Kleinsasser in Gallery A
Salva Corpus Amanti…translates to “save (or heal) the lover’s body” – it is to emotionally and viscerally experience what is seen with the eyes as ecstasy, total unity and oneness. Kleinsasser’s digital imagery seeks to delight your eyes, nurture your soul and expand your connections to the world around you.

Reception: Thursday, June 18 from 7 to 9:30pm

Art in Potentia (by J.D. Jarvis)

Ansgard Thomson recommended this article about Digital Art. The article was published on Facebook. https://www.facebook.com/notes/jd-jarvis/art-in-potentia/172857402794427

Art In Potentia  (by J.D. Jarvis)

Digital art is made inside a place that serves as our best metaphor yet for the human mind. The “painted” or “printed” object that digital artists fabricate for the purposes of show-and-tell and/or marketing conveys creative work which is composed and stored in an encoded and largely dematerialized form on electromagnetic storage units. Like poetry that must wait to be read or music that must be played or performed in order to exist at an experiential level; this is “art in potentia.” The composition must be decoded and transformer by some physical means in order for it to be seen or touched. Without a system of conveyance from the non-physical state into the physical world Art barely exists.

I often imagine Art as thoughts pretending to be objects. While these objects undeniably exist in physical space the inception and power that brings them forth is immaterial electromagnetic and chemical processes inside the human brain…thoughts. In this respect all Art starts off as art-in-potentia. But then even our perception of that art object becomes a matter of dematerializing the object into impressions of light, sound and touch that get perceived by our brain and then mixed with the history, personality and creativity of the viewer’s own thought processes. The art, itself, then goes from pure thought to pure thought with the physical object being a bridge or form of conveyance between minds. (more…)