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Call for Submissions: 2019 Multifaith Calendar – Coming Together: Exploring New Connections

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Each year, the Multifaith Action Society invites artists to submit works of art for publication in our annual Multifaith Calendar. The theme for our upcoming 2019 edition is Coming Together: Exploring New Connections

We believe this theme is open to a wide variety
of interpretations and leaves open the possibility for a rich array of artistic submissions.

In a world where negativity and fear seem to be headlining the evening news, it is all too easy to become insular and raise walls in an attempt to protect ourselves. But it takes exactly the opposite approach to change the tide of popular culture. Rather than separate and divide even further, now is the time to take down walls, and come together in new ways.

This year, we are asking: What connects us?  Is it, for example, relationships, economies, politics, a sense of place, a unique culture? What brings people together in dialogue, action and creativity? How do we build new bridges across old divides? Let’s look for new paradigms on how to actively engage with each other that holds the promise of inclusion and not exclusion. Let’s envision all the wonderful ways to connect.

Deadline for submissions:  19 January 2018