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Draw More Income EP7: PD Talk w/ Paddy Lamb and Deborah Carruthers

Here we are with a new episode of Draw More Income! This episode is actually a PD talk held a few months back that we recorded on copyright. It was hosted by two co-chairs of Copyright Visual Arts, Paddy Lamb and Deborah Carruthers.

Both speakers were a fantastic resource and were fuelled by an active, engaged audience and we were so excited to have them and to be able to actually archive this moment through our new podcast.

To learn even more about Copyright Visual Arts/CARCC, visit the website here.

As for the podcast, Draw More Income is chugging along and will keep putting out new and interesting content. We took a little break during August to reassess a couple procedures for putting these podcasts out, which we hope will help keep listeners and members engaged with the podcast.

CARCC, now known as Copyright Visual Arts

Visual Arts Alberta~CARFAC 2014-2015 New Board Announcement

AGM in CAlgary

At the Visual Arts Alberta – CARFAC AGM in Calgary that took place on Saturday October 18th, the new board for 2014 – 2015 took office. They are Sydney Lancaster President; John Maywood Vice President; Jean Lindsay Treasurer; Carli Castle Secretary, Paddy Lamb CARFAC Board Representative; Gisa Mayer Calgary Director; Joe Clare Director, Heather Huston Director, Jeff Jean-Francois Rodier Director, Ruby J. Mah Director, Sara McKarney Director and Bruce Watson Director. Congratulations!

An Appreciation of Paddy Lamb’s “Memory of Absence” by John Richardson

An Appreciation of Paddy Lamb’s “Memory of Absence”
Nov14 by John Richardson

Paddy Lamb’s art is about ‘place in time’. Through an evolutionary abstraction, he both recapitulates and continues the natural process of change, of decomposition, of erosion and overgrowth – nature’s insistent and patient agenda of vibrant transformation in contrast to any perishable human desire for an unattainable static perfection.

Humanity builds hard-edged interruptions onto the landscape and, after a time, unsatisfied, abandons its buildings, walls, fences and gates. Nature quietly moves in, indifferent to productivity, statistics, and the relentless pursuit of economic efficiency which leads only to downsizing, to roofless factories, schools and churches in empty villages . Nature slowly dissolves the abandoned marks on the landscape. These half-reclaimed monuments of humanity’s desires are the jumping off point for Lamb’s art.  (more…)