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National Residency Award, Prince Edward County, ON


So many artists are trying to fit their practice into the hours outside of their day job. Many are setting up “studios” on their living room floors or dining room tables. At Spark Box we offer artists time and space to focus on their work in an encouraging and supportive environment.

Imagine one full month to get a new project off the ground. One full month to think only about creating your work. One full month without distractions.

This is what Spark Box is offering to artists living and working in Canada: one full month at the Spark Box Studio Residency where you will be given a studio space and living space for FREE.

This residency opportunity is a unique way for established and emerging artists to cultivate new ideas, access a rich library of arts resources, and focus on their career.

For more information and the online application visit our website: http://sparkboxstudio.com/nationalaward/

Thematic Residency Program at Artscape Gibraltar Point: Toronto

Soi Fischer is pleased to announce the establishment of the Thematic Residency Program at Artscape: Gibraltar Point in Toronto, Canada.
As part of its mandate to make international contemporary art accessible to a wider public, Soi Fischer is debuting its Education and Public Programming at Artscape Gibraltar Point, which provides short-term accommodation and studio space for artists to research and develop their contemporary art practice.

October: Monique Mouton (L.A.), November: Gareth Long (NYC), December: Maryse Larivière (MTL), January: Niall McClelland (TO), February: Artie Vierkant (NYC).
Thematic Residency Program at Artscape Gibraltar Point


DISCIPLINES: Curating/Research, Drawing & Painting, Media Art, Sculpture
TARGET GROUP: International

The Studio aims to assist in the further understanding and development of emerging art trends in Taiwan; simultaneosly, it endeavors to promote cross-cultural exchanges by providing a meeting point for international artists on short visits. The Studio was established to meet the needs of four types of contemporary art in Taipei.: working space and equipment for mixed media art, exhibition space for installation/site specific works, performance space for experimentation and development of multi-media art, and consultative, research and implementation art services.

For more info, visit the Bamboo Curtain International website or email them at studio@bambooculture.com