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Call to Artists: Juried Group Exhibition – Junction North Gallery

Junction North GalleryCall for Submissions Spring 2018

In the Northern hemisphere, the North Star (or Polaris) is known as the guiding star in a night sky. Located nearest the north celestial pole, Polaris shows us where due north is and has been used historically as a way-finder and reference point. Junction North Gallery, inspired by the North Star, is a hub and a reference point in Western Canada that brings together creative projects and emergent ideas from the fields of art, design and environmental studies.

What is Junction North Gallery

Junction Gallery (JN) is a micro-sized, ‘green’, touring art and craft gallery and art centre based in Calgary. Each contemporary art exhibition is juried from a selection of works submitted during our calls for submission which occur multiple times per year.

For this open call, we are especially interested in small-scale 2D works in any medium that engage with the theory and/or  practice of: contemporary landscape, cultural geography, space and place, the built and the natural environments, consumer culture, slow living, sustainable living, environmental stewardship, renewable energy technology, upcycled or recycled materials or related themes.

How to Apply