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Review of Violet Owen: Modern Woman

photo 7by Justine Hartlieb-Power

Image: Violet Owen, “Nude in a Chinese Smock”

Violet Owen’s exhibition Modern Woman, curated by Shane Golby and Chris W. Carson, is a testament to the endurance of the female form as an artistic subject. In spite of the abundance of images we encounter on a daily basis, the painted nude is still able to titillate and shock. Perhaps this has something to do with the medium of paint—the thought of one posing for great lengths of time in various stages of undress—or perhaps it is the fact that nude paintings (more…)

Coming of Age: The Graduates

Join us for the opening of this group show featuring 10 graduating art students from 5 Alberta communities: Edmonton, Calgary, Red Deer, Lethbridge, and Grande Prairie. Coming of Age: The Graduates opens to the public on June 7th, with an artist’s reception on June 21st from 6:30 -9:30 pm. Drop by until July 14th to see the exciting work emerging from Alberta’s art schools! The Visual Arts Alberta Gallery is open  Wed-Fri from 10-4 and Sat from 12-4. The Gallery will be closed June 30.

Q & A about Al Henderson’s Light Horse Tales

In anticipation for the exhibition “Light Horse Tales of an Afghan War”by St. Albert sculptor, and artist Al Henderson, I (Chris W. Carson, Executive Director, VAAA) asked the artist some questions to give us some insight into how Al Henderson thinks about art. This exhibition opens at the Visual Arts Alberta Gallery in Edmonton on Thursday October 06th, 2011

CWC: Who are you and what do you do?

AH: Most of my work focuses on a single figure. Many of these have a classical feel. And, while I am obviously concerned with what a piece looks like, I am often equally concerned with the meanings embedded within them.
I am always conscious of the fact that what I make is the subject presented and an object apart from that initial inspiration. My love of older traditions in art is evident, but I play around with expectations arising from that tradition even as I honour it. This approach to art is what gives my work its strange familiarity. (more…)

EXHIBITION OPENING: VAAA Gallery, Energize Exhibition, Opening Reception: Thursday June 23, 6:00pm

In association with The Works Art and Design Festival, VAAA Gallery presents:  ENERGIZE exhibition at the VAAA Gallery!!! Alberta artists include: William G. Prettie, David Bowering, Roberta Murray, Laureen McMullan, Annette Ayre, Seon-jeong Kim, Debra Bachman Smith, Wendy Gervais, Madonna Mikhail, Karolina Kowalski, Neil McClelland, Donna Marchyshyn Shymko, Paula E. Kirman, Hope Wells, James Gaa, John Richardson, Bernard Hippel, Alex Miernowski and Nancy Corrigan.

VAAA Gallery is pleased to announce ENERGIZE, a VAAA membership exhibition from Thursday June 09th, 2011 to July 09th, 2011. The VAAA opening of ENERGIZE is scheduled for Saturday June 11th between 1:00pm and 3:00pm and The Works Festival opening for ENERGIZE will be on Thursday June 23rd at 6:00pm.

ENERGIZE (the VAAA members show), Re-Charged and The Naked exhibitions (Harcourt House Artist Run Centre) will be opening together on Thursday, June 23 at The Summer Party. The Works Art and Design Festival is featured this year from June 23rd until July 05th, 2011 with a theme of ENERGY.  For the VAAA, energize focuses on “the energy sector” or “the energy of art making.” (more…)

VAAA GALLERY EXHIBITIONS: “Memory Idol” by Jinzhe Cui and “Off the Wall” by Kim Bruce

VAAA presents: “Memory Idol” by Jinzhe Cui and “Off The Wall” by Kim Bruce

JINZHE CUI’S photographic work alludes to the space between memory, dream and illusion. Her dramatic imagery invites us to wander without expectation, allowing the journey to reveal our own unique stories.

KIM BRUCE’S “Off The Wall” is a series of cast encaustic sculptures that study the architecture of form. She explores the use of everyday of objects as abstract architectural elements and creates rich, harmonic visual dialogues.


X POSITION: Diadactic panel written by Shane Golby

X position
symbol: 1. an object standing for or representing something else; an emblem
(The New Webster Handy College Dictionary, pg. 526)

‘Tis an old saying, the Devil lurks behind the Cross.
Miquel de Cervantes (1547-1616)

Father Douglas
Sola Dei Gloria, 2011
Egg tempera, gold leaf on wooden cross
Courtesy of the artist

A cross is a very simple geometrical figure consisting of two lines perpendicular to each other and dividing one or two of the lines in half (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cross). Cross shaped signs are one of the most ancient of human symbols, dating back to the earliest stages of human cultural development. While the exact meaning of these early signs is unknown, it is supposed that the cross was used for its formal and ornamental value, and may also have possessed religious significance. During the European Bronze Age (1800-700 BC) the cross became a widely diffused symbol throughout Europe. By the second century AD it had become the most potent and widely disseminated symbol of the Christian religion, reminding Christians of God’s act of love in Christ’s sacrifice at Calvary and, through his death on the cross and subsequent resurrection, his triumph over sin and death. Throughout the centuries the cross has also served many other uses, including functioning as a personal signature, as a grammatical marking device, as a vehicular sign, and as a sign of danger.
The exhibition X position, presented by the Visual Arts Alberta Association (VAAA), explores ideas
concerning the use of symbols and how artists re-interpret symbols in contemporary times,
especially the politically and socially loaded symbols pertaining to Christianity and the Church.


Xposition Fundraiser @ VAAA Gallery Thursday, March 31 7:00

The VAAA Gallery presents a three week exhibition fundraiser featuring artists’ interpretations and reinventions of cruciform shapes.
Through sculpture, painting, photography, drawing, and more… the exhibition fundraiser works to consider how these shapes and symbols effect art practice and daily life:
the ‘X’
the unknown

Artists include: (more…)

VAAA Gallery (Dmytruk & Manry) Feb 24 – Mar 26, 2011

Visual Arts Alberta Association presents:
Gallery A Robert Dmytruk: Accumulated Perception Dmytruk’s work explores the interplay between how we choose to map the
world in order to impose a logical order on it and the natural unnerving
world that threatens to engulf us.  It confronts the dissonance between what
we see, what we know, and what we sense.
Gallery B Kathryn Manry: The Nature of Water

Kathryn Manry’s water series examines the many faces of this natural
element.  Her paintings portray the inherent visual qualities of water:
images flip back and forth between calm reflection and fluid abstractcompositions.

Thursday, February 24, 2011   7-9:30 pm
Exhibition Dates: February 24th until March 26th 2011

Visual Arts Alberta
3rd Flr. 10215 – 112 Street, Edmonton, AB  T5K 1M7

Gallery Hours
10am – 4pm, Wednesday-Friday
Noon – 4pm, Saturdays


2010 Fibre Olympics, HWSDA, VAAA GalleryJuly 29 to August 28, 2010
OPENING RECEPTION: Thurs, July 29, 2010 7-9:30pm

Visual Arts Alberta presents FIBRE OLYMPICS, an annual juried show exhibiting the talented provincial membership of the Hand Weavers, Spinners and Dyers of Alberta (HWSDA).

The HWSDA theme for 2010 is “Fibre Olympics”, with the defining colours including Gold, Silver, and Bronze.  The members of HWSDA have submitted their personal best pieces, all of which reflect their experience and accomplished workmanship.  The exhibition includes a varied array of work: scarves, coats, tea towels, blankets, and framed pieces are but a few of the types of items on display.

3RD Floor, 10215 112 Street, Edmonton
780.421.1731 | visualartsalberta.com | info@visualartsalberta.com
Gallery Hours: Mon-Fri, 10am to 4pm, Sat 12-4pm. Admission free. Closed holiday weekend (July 31 & Aug. 2)


Nature Forms, Leona Olausen, Marcia Schmidt, VAAA GalleryNATURE FORMS
March 25 to April 24, 2010
Opening Reception:
Thursday, March 25, 7 to 9:30 pm

After a trip to Nicaragua, Marcia Schmidt was greatly influenced by the beauty and people. In her series of paitings, she depicts the banana plant in a realistic yet abstract manner. The plant, from its beginning stage to flowering, from production to the decay, is grand and amazing. She explores the banana plant and how it is vital and integral to the country.

Leona Olausen’s series of oil paintings explore extreme close-up views of tree roots. The tree roots represent earth energy, where fertility and growth sculpt intertwining tubular forms under and above the ground. Leona is inspired and intrigued by the endless mystery of forms in nature.

3RD Floor, 10215 112 Street, Edmonton, AB T5K 1M7
780.421.1731 | Toll-Free 866.421.1731 | email
Gallery Hours: 10 to 4pm, Mon to Fri; 12 to 4pm Saturdays, closed statutory holidays
Admission is free, all are welcome.