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VAAA Bay FUNdraiser a big success!!

There's nothing like some healthy competition...

Well, all the bids came in and the auction closed with a bang! Nearly $3,000 was raised for VAAA exhibition programming. Huge thanks to the many artists and bidders for contributing to a fantastic event! Look for us in October next year.

EXHIBITION: Open Photo 2011@ Kaasa Gallery, August 25-Oct 02, 2011

Held off-site at the Kaasa Gallery in The Northern Alberta Jubilee Auditorium in Edmonton, Visual Arts Alberta is pleased to present the VAAA 4th annual photography competition & exhibition. OPEN PHOTO 2011 exhibits some of Alberta’s finest photographers. Visual Arts Alberta received an overwhelmingly positive response to this open call and all applications went through a selective jurying process. Our guest juror Eleanor Lazare will choose the best over-all photographer, as well as honorable mentions, prior to the opening reception. Awards will be announced at the opening reception, and the award winning work will go on to be exhibited in Calgary at The Southern Jubilee Auditorium October 2011.

VAAA GALLERY EXHIBITIONS: “Memory Idol” by Jinzhe Cui and “Off the Wall” by Kim Bruce

VAAA presents: “Memory Idol” by Jinzhe Cui and “Off The Wall” by Kim Bruce

JINZHE CUI’S photographic work alludes to the space between memory, dream and illusion. Her dramatic imagery invites us to wander without expectation, allowing the journey to reveal our own unique stories.

KIM BRUCE’S “Off The Wall” is a series of cast encaustic sculptures that study the architecture of form. She explores the use of everyday of objects as abstract architectural elements and creates rich, harmonic visual dialogues.


X POSITION: Diadactic panel written by Shane Golby

X position
symbol: 1. an object standing for or representing something else; an emblem
(The New Webster Handy College Dictionary, pg. 526)

‘Tis an old saying, the Devil lurks behind the Cross.
Miquel de Cervantes (1547-1616)

Father Douglas
Sola Dei Gloria, 2011
Egg tempera, gold leaf on wooden cross
Courtesy of the artist

A cross is a very simple geometrical figure consisting of two lines perpendicular to each other and dividing one or two of the lines in half (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cross). Cross shaped signs are one of the most ancient of human symbols, dating back to the earliest stages of human cultural development. While the exact meaning of these early signs is unknown, it is supposed that the cross was used for its formal and ornamental value, and may also have possessed religious significance. During the European Bronze Age (1800-700 BC) the cross became a widely diffused symbol throughout Europe. By the second century AD it had become the most potent and widely disseminated symbol of the Christian religion, reminding Christians of God’s act of love in Christ’s sacrifice at Calvary and, through his death on the cross and subsequent resurrection, his triumph over sin and death. Throughout the centuries the cross has also served many other uses, including functioning as a personal signature, as a grammatical marking device, as a vehicular sign, and as a sign of danger.
The exhibition X position, presented by the Visual Arts Alberta Association (VAAA), explores ideas
concerning the use of symbols and how artists re-interpret symbols in contemporary times,
especially the politically and socially loaded symbols pertaining to Christianity and the Church.


Xposition Fundraiser @ VAAA Gallery Thursday, March 31 7:00

The VAAA Gallery presents a three week exhibition fundraiser featuring artists’ interpretations and reinventions of cruciform shapes.
Through sculpture, painting, photography, drawing, and more… the exhibition fundraiser works to consider how these shapes and symbols effect art practice and daily life:
the ‘X’
the unknown

Artists include: (more…)


The VAAA Alberta Gallery Requirement Survey, 4 years in the making, can now be downloaded.  This booklet contains summary information for Alberta public and commercial galleries and artist-run centres:  the information you need for location, mandate, submission requirements, and terms of exhibition. The intent of this Gallery Survey is to provide Alberta artists with a useful tool when planning their exhibition and marketing strategies, in addition to giving Alberta galleries a resource that they can give to artists – a valuable, time-saving aid for both.  We hope you find it useful.